I am a husband and father of four, who loves to cook and experiment, with a family that loves to eat my creations (at least that’s what they tell me).

Unfortunately work, sports practices, homework and bedtime allow approximately ½ of an hour for preparing dinner.

So on a daily basis I walk into the kitchen and creatively add my personal touch to leftovers, convenience products, fresh prepared vegetables, frozen and canned foods to make tasty meals in minutes. My kids have dubbed me, and the cooking method, as Leftover Les.

While I subscribe to Gourmet Magazine, and can occasionally stun the family with Grilled Leg of Lamb with Thyme and Allspice (start to finish: 14 hours), for easy weeknight comfort food, it’s Leftover Les.

Canned, frozen, and precooked products provide several built in timesaving advantages:

  • Foods are washed, trimmed, and cut into the appropriate shapes. I eliminate most of the preparation time.
  • Food packages tell me how much I’m getting. In many cases, I don’t have to measure food before adding it to a recipe.
  • Often I am just warming, not cooking, so I spend less time doing so.

The sheer number and quality of convenience food products is better than ever. Thanks to the natural foods revolution, the choices can also be healthy. It is possible to get some phenomenal prepared products that combine ease with whatever natural, organic, health or gourmet notion desired.

So this blog will chronicle and document the adventures of the Leftover Les method of preparing dinner. I will share Leftover Les type recipes as well as recipes for make-ahead meals, slow cookers and grilling (I am a guy, after all).

Thanks for coming by (and reading this whole about).

~ Lester Wall
LeftoverLes is on Twitter.

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. bobb topp Says:

    Great Turkey Chili,Les.
    Me being a guy too,I grill leftover roasts(sliced)marinated in BBQ sauce.
    I love hominy.
    I can’t wait to build on your Turkey Chili.It is hard to tell what will end up in it.
    Thanks for the site.


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