We all have great coupon intentions. We comb through the Sunday supplement and rifle through the  coupon bundles before they hit the recycling bin.  I always find at least a few that could be useful. I set those aside, expectantly, but never have them with me when the opportunity arises to use them.  But now, “…there’s an app for that”, or how about 10.


Cellfire Mobile Coupons

Cellfire brings you coupons from many different favorite brands. You can access deals across multiple grocers and brands. They currently support over 4000 grocery locations and are adding more every month.



Coupon Sherpa

New coupons are added daily to Coupon Sherpa, some of them exclusive. The app will allow you to email coupons to friends, build lists of your favorite stores, find the closest location and more.



Coupon Cabin

The app features online coupon codes, printable coupons for in-store purchases, and local coupons from grocery stores and businesses. teh app is based on which offers coupons for 1,600 online stores with more than 9,000 coupons in 20 product categories and has exclusive coupons for several brands including Reebok, Godiva and Puma.




DealSpot allows you to vote on the best deals so that everyone can see what the hot special of the week is. If you don’t agree with it you can vote it down, add deals you find to the system, follow your favorite deal spotters, earn badges and more.


free shipping coupons

Free Shipping Coupons

Shipping costs can be one of the biggest pains of shopping online, but with the Free Shipping Coupons app you can find free shipping coupons from approximately 1500 different online retailers.




MobiQpons shows you coupons for stores located near you, but you also have the choice of checking other locations if you are driving to different areas. The app will also keep track of how much the app has saved you, lets you bookmark favorite stores and more.




Shooger offers 80,000 mobile coupons and deals from over 25,000 merchants nationwide. It has numerous features like click to call, mapping to the nearest location, saving your favorite deals and a whole lot more.


shopping coupons

Shopping Coupons

Shopping Coupons is a resource for coupons for online shopping that is edited by actual humans to bring you the latest deals from around the Web. Browsing is made easy by its numerous categories, see full descriptions of the terms of the offer and more.



Valpak Local Coupons

Valpak attempts to bring you the best in coupons for the businesses you use on a daily basis in your town. This app offers exclusive coupons, sort coupons by distance, favorite the businesses you visit the most and more.




With Yowza you can see all of the savings at retailers near you, and you can also expand the radius of miles that it will search for savings. You can keep track of how much you’ve saved, bookmark stores & coupons and even send out messages on Twitter after you’ve saved money using the app.


A little more than six months ago our family was blessed to move to our new home.  The new place provides plenty of room, a big yard and great schools.  My wife, Raquel, loves her closet, the kids (and the dogs) love the yard and the nearby reservoir.  As for me, I love my kitchen.

The kitchen is big, airy and open to the family room. This lets me cook and still be in the mix with the rest of the family.  But of all the wonderful things I can say about my kitchen I think my favorite thing is the cooktop with the built-in griddle.


The Cook Top w/ Griddle

The Cooktop w/ Griddle

Cooking on a griddle makes life so much easier. There’s just one surface to clean – no pans, no scrubbing, no fuss. And you can cook so many things at once; the entire meal is ready- literally – in minutes. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, griddles just naturally make food taste good.

The best griddle time is breakfast, especially when my hungry boys and their friends are around. Griddle Cakes  or pancakes are the kid’s favorite. I usually do bacon and always cook that first. When cooking the bacon, use the spatula to slide the drippings over to the drip pan, so the bacon will be crispy.  After the bacon is done, I wipe down the griddle with paper towels, and then do the pancakes. The pancakes have the smokey taste from the bacon when you leave a thin coat of bacon drippings on the griddle before pouring the batter.

For pancakes the griddle should be about 350 degrees. You can tell if the griddle is ready by letting a drop of water fall from a spoon onto the hot surface. If the liquid immediately bubbles and evaporates, the griddle is too hot. If the water does boil and evaporate in a minute or so, it’s ready. If the griddle is not hot enough, the water will take several seconds before it appears to boil.

When the griddle is hot enough, pour the pancake batter onto the surface, spacing them side-by-side until they almost touch. I can get eight good pancakes on the griddle! You’ll know it’s time to turn the pancakes over when you see that the top of the pancakes are bubbling. The bubbles will be swelling up and popping before it’s time to turn. When turning, use a thin spatula and scoop it quickly. Thick, coated spatulas (like my big silicon spatula) tend to scrunch the pancake up when you turn them. Let the second side cook for only a couple of minutes, and then slide the spatula under one to check for browning.

Adding maple syrup and butter results in a quiet house while the crowd scarfs down the cakes.

The Hungry Boys

My Hungry Boys & Their Friends